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Two new junior research groups at the BCCN Tuebingen

April 27, 2012 - BCCN

Two new junior research groups will be established at the BCCN Tuebingen with Jakob Macke ("Neural Computation & Behaviour") and Marcel Oberlaender ("Computational Neuroanatomy").

Jakob Macke's research agenda aims at getting a better understanding of cortical coding principles that take into account the influence of the internal dynamics  of cortical processing using probabilistic modelling techniques and machine learning algorithms. In particular, the goal is to explain a substantial fraction of the large trial-to-trial variability found neural activity and animal behaviour.

The research program of Marcel Oberlaender focuses on reconstructing the 3D structure of neural circuits and using these anatomically realistic network models to study the signal flow underlying perception and behavior. In particular, he develops detailed models of cell type-specific circuits in the rodent vibrissal cortex which elucidate structural and functional mechanistic principles underlying sensory-evoked information processing.

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