Data Science for Vision Research. Heisenberg professorship for Bernstein researcher Philipp Berens

Philipp Berens from the Bernstein Centre (BCCN) Tübingen was appointed Heisenberg Professor for "Data Science for Vision Research" at the University of Tübingen on April 16, 2018.

On April 16, Philipp Berens was appointed Heisenberg Professor of "Data Science for Vision Research" at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research at the University of Tübingen. His professorship strengthens the visual neuroscience in ophthalmology at Tübingen, which enjoys international renown; it also builds on the close link between machine learning and neuroscience.

With his Heisenberg professorship, Berens plans to build a bridge between basic research in computational neuroscience and clinical research, right through to diagnostics. He will continue his work on algorithms and computer models to better understand the functional and biophysical properties of different retinal cell types in collaboration with experimental partners. In addition, his research group uses computer models to investigate the effects of the degeneration of photoreceptors in the retinal network. This can help to better understand retinal diseases or contribute to the further development of neuroprosthesis for the retina. 

In addition to his qualifications as an internationally well-connected researcher, Philipp Berens appreciates the excellent research environment in Tübingen: "Through the Heisenberg professorship, I can establish data science as a sustainable bridge between basic research and clinical application.”

His decision to remain in Tübingen was guided by three factors: the strength of neuroscience research and ophthalmology in Tübingen, which enjoys international renown, the research structures in computational neuroscience, which have long been established by the Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience Tübingen, and the university's focus in the field of machine learning. For the interdisciplinary researcher, these are decisive factors for Tübingen as a research location.

Dr. Claudia Duppé, Bernstein Netzwerk Computational Neuroscience


Prof. Dr. Philipp Berens
University of Tübingen
Institute for Ophthalmic Research
AG Data Science for Vision Research
phone: +49 7071 29-88833

Heisenberg Professorship

The Heisenberg Professorship is a program funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) which allows young researchers to establish a professorship with their research focus at a university of their choice.