Education at the BCCN

The mission of the BCCN is to organize teaching and education in computational neuroscience, training a generation of neuroscientists well-versed in machine learning, data science and modeling at different scales and equipped with thorough knowledge about basic neuroscience and the latest experimental techniques. To this end, we provide research-oriented training on a wide spectrum of computational neuroscience topics, such as coding principles, dynamical systems, data analysis, signal processing and machine learning. Teaching is conducted at multiple levels, starting with the MSc program "Neural Information Processing - Computational Neuroscience" continuing with the Germany-wide network for a SMARTSTART into computational neuroscience targeting the phase at the end of the MSc and beginning of the PhD, as well as into the PhD program.

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Master of Science "Neural Information Processing"

The Master program "Neural Information Processing - Computational Neuroscience" covers theoretical and computational aspects of neuroscience, a field of research that has become increasingly important in the past years.

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Doctoral studies

Are you looking for a PhD in Computational Neuroscience? In addition to the masters programs, the BCCN offers a doctoral program that provides supplementary training specifically designed for doctoral students and their diverse research topics.

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SMARTSTART is a training program of the Bernstein Network, that supports young researchers to complement their previous studies with concepts, theories and techniques of Computational Neuroscience.

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