PhD Program "Neural Information Processing - Computational Neuroscience"

Are you looking for a PhD in Computational Neuroscience or have you graduated from our Master program? The BCCN offers a PhD program that provides supplementary training specifically designed for doctoral students and their diverse research topics. The doctoral program is managed by the Graduate Training Centre for Neuroscience.

Contact our faculty for open positions! Applications should include a CV and a meaningful statement of interest.

Applicants for the doctoral program should already hold a Masters degree in a relevant field. If you have a BSc/BA degree, apply to our MSc program first, which provides you with targeted training and practical lab experiences at the graduate level. In the US, both components would typically be part of Graduate school. Here, we offer them separately, but a smooth transition from MSc to PhD program is encouraged and supported. 

There are no firm application deadlines. Enrollement in the program is only possible after a position in one of our labs has been secured. After successful graduation, the degree Dr. rer. nat. will be awarded.

The doctoral program of the GTC is associated with the local Max-Planck-Institutes and has the status of an ‘International Max Planck Research School’ (see: ‘About GTC - IMPRS’).