SMARTSTART - The Joint Training Program in Computational Neuroscience

To promote young researchers in Computational Neuroscience as early as possible, the Bernstein Network and the VolkswagenFoundation have launched the joint training program SMARTSTART

It aims to teach participants basic concepts, theories and techniques of Computational Neuroscience. Together with a mentor you develop an individual training program to supplement your previous experience. For this you may choose from a wide range of activities such as workshops, courses and lab rotations. These activities take place at numerous locations of the Bernstein Network as well as at further locations throughout Germany.

A joint kick-off workshop with all participants and researchers and a final student retreat complement the two year-long training programs. A student can participate in either the first or the second component of the program. 

During the one-year SMARTSTART 1 program, students will widen their academic horizon by exploring the full breadth of Computational Neuroscience research opportunities and are encouraged to complement their studies by attending additional lectures and courses that are offered by any of the participating institutions. 

During the one-year SMARTSTART 2 program, students intending to start a PhD in Computational Neuroscience will be financially supported to thoroughly plan their PhD project and to acquire the necessary skills.